Roblox – Megaerfolg: For children up to 14 years on PC and console more popular than YouTube

Roblox is a true phenomenon. The platform features Lego-style virtual worlds and counts more than 50 million players each month, some earning millions.

The name Roblox probably says the least. It is a kind of virtual Lego game in which worlds are made of stones. The gaming platform has been in operation since 2006 and is currently accessible via Windows, Mac, Xbox One, iOS, Android and soon on the PlayStation 4.

It reaches 50 million players a month and lets them create their own fantasy worlds there. That’s just five million fewer players than Minecraft , which was known to be bought by Microsoft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion.

Users can either build or continue the environments and customize them using the Lua programming language to even program their own games . Content Creators can then promote their titles and create gamepasses that give players extra content. As a result, some creators earn up to $ 3 million a year.

Millions of dollars, millions of players

The Roblox platform has become incredibly popular. Two million content creators created a total of 11 million games in 2017 . Compared to 2016, the number of creative people has doubled. 1,500 of these in-game games have collected more than a million views.

Meanwhile, Roblox itself takes hundreds of millions of dollars a year and plans to come to a level where the top developers in the game can earn $ 10 million a year. Currently, all creators together take in $ 30 million a year.

How popular Roblox is, especially in children under 14, is shown in the following statistics. The numbers include stationary devices such as PCs and consoles, mobile is excluded. 25.5 million children a month use the platform. It’s just 7.9 million on YouTube and just 6.6 million on Pandora. Also, the visits of teenagers between 13 and 17 are higher at Roblox. Here it is 26.9 million a month. For comparison: YouTube comes to 14.7 million, Netflix to 6.9 million.

Alone children under the age of 13 play over 50 million hours of Roblox every month . YouTube has “only” 19 million hours in the same age group. Even more impressive: YouTube, Netflix, Steam, Facebook and Twitter taken together are not approaching the time when teenagers in this age group play Roblox.

However, it should be mentioned again that the statistics do not capture mobile data . This leaves a lot of possible devices away, but it should be mentioned that both YouTube and Co., as well as Roblox are available for mobile. Further user data are missing here in both directions.

Great plans

Only with the teenagers between 13 and 17 is YouTube more popular than the world of blocks. But even in this age group Roblox stays ahead of all other competitors, except Youtube – even if you put them together.

That Craig Donato, Chief Business Officer of Roblox, now even bigger goals outputs surprising since hardly: “Our goal is to be a next-generation entertainment platform, the audience shifts from passive to immersive, interactive experiences..”

In addition, Donato draws a comparison to the new film by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One, in which players are in a kind of VR parallel world (Oasis): “We see Roblox as the current version of Oasis,” said the CBO.

That’s why Roblox has entered into a deal with Warner Bros. that allows its users to replay the story of the movie in Roblox.

An empire is to emerge

The possibilities seem endless. While teens can now earn six-figure annual salaries through the game, Roblox wants to continue to grow into an empire, thanks in part to a $ 93-million cash injection from 2017. The idea is to build the various worlds created by users, such as the popular ” Roblox High School” world into brands.

Basically, users can actually play in the game like entrepreneurs today. According to business insiders, Roblox wishes for even stronger branding in the future . CEO David Baszucki: “Video games like Minecraft and Pokemon have turned into media imperatives, so why should not that also apply to Roblox High School or anything created in Roblox?”

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