Roblox: The breeze that’s more successful than Fortnite and YouTube

Every month, 78 million people play Fortnite Battle Royale, which is currently considered an absolute over-game. But the makers of the game kit “Roblox” put it on top. They reach 90 million users and one billion hours of gambling a month. This corresponds to around 114,000 calendar years, which mainly children spend in the colorful Roblox world.

In the US, the mix of gaming and programming among kids is already more successful than YouTube and Fortnite. And now the triumph is to start in Germany. LEAD has the ten most important questions and answers about Roblox.

What is Roblox?

First and foremost, Roblox is a huge playground where children can choose from a plethora of entertaining and entertaining games, as on the Netflix movie and series page. In English there should be nearly 60 million Roblox games. And those browsing the menu on or in the Roblox apps, actually comes up with an almost unmanageable number of games. They all can also be used in Germany – a huge and mostly free app store.

Roblox and 150 of the most popular games now first translated in German, and also offers German language menus and parents information for its service. But the special thing about Roblox is that every user can program their own games and earn money with them. It’s about as if Netflix customers could shoot and publish their own films.

What happens on Roblox?

Anyone signing up for the first time ends up in an overview that shows the most popular games at the moment. This includes the huge hit “Work in a pizzeria”, which counts 6.3 million players as their favorites. Under the menu item “Games” then appears a huge selection, as on Netflix, with games such as “Escape McDonald’s”, “Boat building and treasure hunt” or the family simulation “Adoptiere”. Because copyright is handled relaxed at Roblox, there are about 100 games around “Game of Thrones” alone.

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The pieces are mostly reminiscent of Duplo and Lego. And who calls a racing game like “Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands,” marveling at pretty graphics that are somewhere between Minecraft and the PlayStation 1. But brilliant pictures are not what Roblox is all about. It is much more important for users to virtually hang out with “friends”, to chat and to play against each other – actually quite similar to “Fortnite Battle Royale”.

How does programming work?

“Create everything you can imagine,” promises Roblox his young and older programmers who can tinker their own games and worlds with the relatively simple kit “Roblox Studio”. The software, which is based on the object-oriented scripting language Lua, is available for free download for PC and Mac. When opening this kit templates such as “Village”, “Pirate Island”, “City” or “Western” are available. In graphic and easy-to-understand menus, the worlds can then come to life – and program more and more complex games.

Awakened 13- or 14-year-olds should be able to cope well here. The help is a Roblox wiki with documentation, tutorials and examples ready, but so far only in English. Roblox is convinced that the combination of games and DIY is very positive and helpful for the kids: “Children learn best when they actively act as designers and builders, and this learning becomes even faster if they play these roles in a public Take up space. ” Four million active Roblox developers should already exist. Founder David Baszucki dreams of a talented platform like “DSDS” – not just for singers, but for programmers.

How successful is Roblox?

Since the end of 2017, Roblox has been the most popular website for children under 13 in the US – ahead of YouTube. There are the Roblox heroes meanwhile even as game figures, and in surprise packages in which stuck like a Ü-egg secret characters. The road to success, however, was long and hard. Roblox has been around since 2006.

And in 2015, the platform bobbed around with six million players. The proliferation of gaming apps, better Internet connections, faster computers, and perhaps marketing as a peaceful Fortnite alternative for children have led to the massive growth of recent years.

Who is behind Roblox?

New Roblox users are greeted by the “Builderman” character, who wants to “make your time here fun, safe and creative.” In fact, Canadian software developer and electrical engineer David Baszucki is the founder and CEO of Roblox. Although Baszucki now lives in California, he is not a hipper, young Internet billionaire, but already 56th He has developed in 2004, the first prototype of Roblox, whose name is a mix of “robots” and “blocks”. Despite years of failure, Baszucki has stuck to his mix of games, programming and social networking, which he sees as a “new form of human togetherness”.

Who plays Roblox?

A minimum age for Roblox does not exist. However, the NRW player’s guideline makes 12 years of pedagogical sense. Motto: “New Kids on the Blox.” On the platform itself, 13 years is an important limit – who has reached this age, gets more opportunities to play and to build than smaller children, which account for about half of the users. Roblox has now made the jump to other platforms such as YouTube.

Here are many game videos and other clips to Roblox to find – where the comments are striking that the tone compared to Twitter or Facebook but much more pleasant and friendly. The video for the game “Isy & Lars Unpack Crazy Packages” reads for example: “Lars, I had a bad day today and then your video came and now I’m laughing again.”

How safe is Roblox?

According to his own statement “Roblox is a pioneer in terms of the security of the community”. For the start of Germany, the company has teamed up with the entertainment software self-control (USK) and appointed its CEO Elisabeth Secker in his advisory board. Roblox moderates chats, verifies games, filters out problem vocabulary and gives parents the ability to lock certain games for their children. But the sheer mass of games and users can not be completely controlled.

In the US Roblox has just caused a huge scandal, because an eight-year-old encountered in a game on detailed group sex and his mother with the words “Look, Mom, a P_ss_!” startled. Even violent games and Nazi elements are occasionally found at Roblox – which are usually deleted very quickly again. Despite these problems, experts such as NRW Roblox praise the game, because programming in particular promotes children’s creativity. Conclusion of the experts to Roblox Studio: “Creative, creative, most creative!”

What must parents pay attention to?

Especially the unmanageable mass of games can be a problem for children – because they are barely able to make a selection and concentrate on a game. Therefore, the game guide NRW advises parents to accompany their children when using Roblox. When registering, you should provide an adult’s e-mail address, turn off chats with strangers in the settings, and make sure that you do not have any phone numbers, addresses, or photos in the profile. Because it is easily possible to use Roblox completely anonymously.

Also important, according to the experts: “Check out new content every now and then!” Parents should at least try to keep track of freshly published games and recommend suitable titles to their children. And of course they should try to wake up the fun of self-programming in the offspring.

How can you play Roblox?

The most important contact point is the website . Here you will find the game selection, the most important download links and information for parents and users. Both the Roblox Player and Roblox Studio to develop new games can be downloaded from here for PC and Mac. Those who do not want to program themselves, but only play, can also use the Roblox apps for iOS , Android , Xbox One as well as for the data glasses Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The PlayStation 4 is soon to follow – then the Roblox hype could really start.

How much does Roblox cost?

In general, playing Roblox is free. But there is Robux, a virtual currency that allows users to buy new content and bonus items. The Robux can be earned (which takes a long time) – or buy for real money, for example in the apps for iOS and Android. 1,000 Robux cost 10.99 euros. And parents should be careful, because coveted collectibles for certain games can sometimes cost 300 euros and more. The developers of the games are involved in the revenue. And the top stars of the scene, according to Roblox now earn over two million dollars a year. Of course, a currency calculator for the Robux is also available as a game.

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